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Board of Management - Men

Photo of Leigh Arden

Leigh Arden - TBC

Tania and I moved to Borehamwood 8 years ago. Since joining BES, I have served as one of the Gabayim for the Hashkamah minyan and Tania currently takes children's services at Croxdale Road.

Professionally I have worked in the Medical Device sector for 20 years, currently at GE Healthcare as a senior programme manager in the Legal Privacy team.

Photo of Samuel Franklin

Samuel Franklin - TBC

After moving to Borehamwood three years ago as a newlywed, I've witnessed and been part of the exciting growth of the community, and seen an increased demand for activities for young adults in the area. Together with my friends, I started Nitzan, a minyan targeted at a young adult demographic who'll be the future of our community.

I'd like to stand for the BoM to represent that group, to ensure that Nitzan can continue to run within BES and be an integral part of the Shul, whilst exploring opportunities for those who associate with this demographic to get further engaged in their Shul.

As this group grows, so will the demands on the Croxdale building, and as such I'd also like to help shape the planning and development of Croxdale Road and the usage of our facilities, to maximize their use, whilst remaining inclusive and accessible to all our members.

Photo of Jonathan Friedman

Jonathan Friedman - TBC

I have lived in Borehamwood for the last 16 years and have attended Yavneh since its inception. My wife and I feel privileged to play a part in numerous shul offerings at Yavneh College that we attend with our four boys on a weekly basis. This includes leading the toddler service, supporting Years 3-5 service, helping with Kiddush and managing the Stewarding rotas on high holydays. This has helped me to appreciate some of the challenges that exist to maintain such a vibrant community and how to keep all segments interested, informed and even intrigued. I think I understand the need for meaning, spirituality, connectivity and for purpose - recognizing that if done well, it can make a real difference to people - to feel welcomed and to belong! Having been fortunate to contribute to the Yavneh 'Think Tank', I think there are many ideas included in the report that I would like to support. It is my intention to try and build a small committee and drive through key initiatives in a pragmatic, fun and engaging way.

Photo of Trevor Globe

Trevor Globe - TBC

I have been a member of BES for 25 years and have been on the Board of Management for the last 5 years. I am a Chartered Surveyor and I work with the synagogue office team to ensure that the facilities are kept in good order to support the myriad of activities that happen throughout the year. The synagogue site is used extensively for religious, education and social activities and needs to adapt to each of these elements on a daily basis. Some areas of the site are now 50 years old and require extensive refurbishment to support the current requirements and we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to meet these changes, within the financial boundaries and on-going demands for ever increasing site usage.

Photo of Jeremy Godley

Jeremy Godley - TBC

I have enjoyed attending Yavneh shul with my family for nearly five years. As the community grows I want to help realise the vision in the recent Yavneh strategy document and contribute to the success of the wider BES community. I am enthusiastic about Jewish leadership and education, originating in my time spent as a madrich in Jewish youth movements, and I am guided by Jewish values, ideas and principles. I will bring energy and commitment to this role and I am looking forward to joining the team and getting started.

Photo of Eddie Hammerman

Eddie Hammerman - TBC

In the current political climate conflating Zionism and anti-Semitism, I believe there is an opportunity to redefine how British Jews relate to Israel and modern Zionist ideals. Currently, I conduct media training on a pro bono basis for the Zionist Federation to train activists to represent Israel's values in an increasing challenging media environment. By working within our community, I hope to create and amplify the values we share with our brothers and sisters in Israel and by developing the relationship we have with the people of Shtula, I believe we can create an enriching experience for both communities.

Photo of Ruben Rodner

Ruben Rodner - TBC

My wife Natalie and I, moved to Borehamwood 10 years ago and have been part of the exciting growth of this fantastic community. From first settling on the Northside, we moved to the Southside in 2013, where we continue to be involved at Yavneh with our three children.

For the last year I have been on the Southside Committee, and most recently I started a Facebook group "Let's Make Seder Together", which was a great success. I am involved in running and organising the Year 1-3 children's services at Yavneh (and previously at Croxdale), a member of Chevra Kadisha and a cardholder with CST. With a strong connection to Israel, I am also active in Israel advocacy through social media.

I am standing for the Board of Management, because I know I can contribute to the continued success of BES as a vibrant and inclusive Jewish community.

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