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Borehamwood and
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Hashkama Minyan

Hashkama takes place every two weeks in the Bet Midrash / library and is a sharp, vibrant and friendly service with plenty of opportunity to daven, lein and be called up to the Torah. The service is followed by a sit down "Cholent, Kugel and and Malt Whisky Kiddush" together with a chabura or D'var Torah delivered by one of our Rabbis or congregants.

If you would like to know more about the Hashkama service, would like to sponsor a Kiddush one week or would like to take part in leading a service, please contact the wardens - Yitzchak Grant or Saul Tombuck - .

For regular updates and information find us on Whatsapp (E-Mail the wardens or Shul office for more info)

See you in Hashkama!

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