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Honorary Officers

Photo of Simon Mitchell

Simon Mitchell - Chairman

Deborah and I moved to Borehamwood almost 11 years ago and together with our daughter Leora (aged 8) have led an active life in the community.

My first major BES activity was establishing the Yachad service (recently replaced by Nitzan). I have served on the Board of Management and in 2014 became a Warden - a role I absolutely loved. I have served on the committees that appointed both Rabbi Kanterovitz and Rabbi Chapper and have led many of the major Shul events over the last 5 years including Purim events, Summer Carnivals, Chattanim and Neshot Chayil celebrations and Cocktail evenings.

I feel privileged to be part of such an amazing community and look forward to leading us on the next stage of our development.


Photo of Simon Berman

Simon Berman - Vice Chair (Yavneh)

I have lived in Borehamwood with my wife and children for over 13 years.

I was one of the three wardens that helped to set up the BES@Yavneh minyan, and have continued to be heavily involved over the past ten years, last year becoming one of two BES@Yavneh Honourary Officers added to represent the thriving part of the BES community in the Southside of Borehamwood.

Interesting things about me? I'm a keen cyclist, was born and bred in the lovely seaside town of Hove and used to study galactic astrophysics!

I'm excited about the future of BES, particularly with the arrival of Rabbi Chapper and his family, and look forward to working with some great people in our community over the months and years ahead to ensure that we are all spiritually enriched, that we care for one another and that we help to improve the world around us.


Photo of Jonny Stankler

Jonny Stankler - Vice Chair (BES Wide)

During the past 19 years my wife Jo and I, along with our two children Lottie and Ben, have played many active roles as members of BES. I helped run children’s services for a decade, worked with friends to setup and run the Tomkei Shabbat initiative, attend daily Shacharit services and frequently participate in Shiurim and events. Jo has been a board member, on the functions committee and has put together the Shul calendar for several years.

As such, we are highly invested in BES and the community. I feel that the time is right to use both my professional and academic skills, underpinned by my love for Judaism, to make an active contribution to the running of our synagogue. I would like to help create a positive and enriching environment where every member, regardless of background, feels that BES is an important, meaningful and indispensable part of their lives.


Photo of Andrew Zucker

Andrew Zucker - Vice Chair (Croxdale)

I have lived in the area for nearly 25 years, along with my wife and four children, all playing an active role in the community.

Previously I have been involved in children services, religious services, and was co-warden in the Limmud Minyan.I look forward to contributing to the ongoing development of BES.


Photo of Rachel Fink

Rachel Fink - Financial Representative

I have lived in the area for almost 11 years with my husband Steven and our three children. During this time we have seen the community grow a great deal. My husband and I are active members of the community volunteering our time organising and participating in numerous rotas at the Yavneh site, including Kiddush and welcoming.

Professionally, I am a qualified accountant. After working for numerous companies in different industries as well as accountancy firms I decided to start my own accounting business in 2012 and have many clients, all of whom have different accounting needs which I manage.

I stood for Financial Representative as I want to use my professional knowledge to help and support the community.


Photo of Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen - Warden (Croxdale)

I've been a member of BES since Deborah and I married in 1999 and am delighted to have brought up our three sons in the community. During that time I have represented the shul on the US council and the Board of Deputies and have served on the Board of Management and on various sub-committees including Community Strategy and Education. Outside of shul I was a founding member of the Eruv Committee.

I have a degree in Physiology and an MBA and having started my career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, went on to join a firm recruiting into the pharmaceutical industry. I now run my own recruitment company.

I like reading, watching films - that usually scare the daylights out of my wife, and of course cheering on Spurs.


Photo of Damian Schogger

Damian Schogger - Warden (Yavneh)

My wife and I have lived in Borehamwood for more than 12 years, playing an active role in BES as Board members for several years, and more recently in other community initiatives including Mitzvah Day. I spent two years as warden of the Hashkama Minyan, and since 2013, have been warden of the BES@Yavneh Minyan.

Apart from my involvement in shul life, many local people may know me for my running obsession, spotting me in my brightly coloured clothes pounding the streets of Borehamwood, Elstree and other far-flung parts of Hertfordshire!

I look forward to continuing to play an active role in the ongoing development of BES@Yavneh as well as the wider local Jewish community.


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