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Photo of Rabbi And Bianca Kanterovitz

Rabbi Chaim and Rebbetzen Bianca Kanterovitz

Rabbi Chaim and Rebbetzen Bianca Kanterovitz moved to BES in November 2013 to take up the Senior Rabbi position.

Rabbi Chaim was born in Leeds to Rabbi Michael and Rebbetzen Malkah Kanterovitz. The family made Aliyah in 1982 and settled in Jerusalem. Rabbi Chaim was educated in Israel at various local schools and Yeshivot. He later moved to South Africa, where he matriculated from the Yeshivah College of Johannesburg.

Rabbi Chaim also studied at several Yeshivot including Yeshivat Har Etzion, Gush Etzion (Israel), where he also completed his "Hesder" Army service. He holds several semichas, amongst them Ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg Shlita and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. He also holds a BA degree in psychology and international politics. He is currently completing a masters degree in Jewish Studies.

Rabbi Chaim has served in various communities in both South Africa and England, including Kenton United Synagogue and most recently for 10 years at the Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation in South Manchester.

Rabbi Chaim is an active Rabbi in every way, whether it is pastoral or communal responsibilities. His expertly presented shiurim and derashot draw on his exceptional knowledge and wisdom and his responses to controversial and complex questions are discussed and respected widely.

Rabbi Chaim describes himself as a "Modern orthodox, Religious Zionist Rabbi". He aims to lead "A Community committed to providing a meaningful Jewish experience to every Jew regardless of background within the framework of Halacha".

Rebbetzen Bianca hails from Cape Town South Africa. She matriculated from Herzlia High School in 1993, and then she continued her studies at Michlelet Orot Teachers College in Israel and later at a Womans Kollel, Matan in Jerusalem. Rebbetzen Bianca is a qualified reflexologist and aromatherapist. She also holds a qualification in kindergarten teaching.

Rebbetzen Kanterovitz works closely with her husband to organise numerous events for the community.

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Kanterovitz have 5 children - Datya, Tifferet, Tzvi, Channah and Netzach.

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