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Borehamwood and
Elstree Synagogue



Rolls of Honour

There are literally hundreds of people who volunteer for the Shul on a regular basis including, but not limited to:

  • Honorary Officers and members of the Board of Management
  • Wardens of the "Alternative Minyanim"
  • Davenners and Leiners in all the services
  • Leaders of the Childrens Services
  • Leaders of the various Uniform Groups affiliated with the Shul
  • Community Care Volunteers

Every year the Honorary Officers have the opportunity to honour members who have contributed a huge amount to the Shul over the years.

  • Chatanim: Two Chatanim are picked for Simchat Torah. Although the Chatanim themselves are of course men, the recognition is often also because of the contribution made by their wives.
  • Eishet Chayil: In recognition of the huge service some ladies make, in most years one (or sometimes more) ladies are appointed "Eishet Chayil" (formerly "Woman of The Year") around Shavuot time.

Below are lists of all those honoured this way.

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