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CRP Procedure

Recording Attendance at Synagogue for the purpose of completing a Certificate of Religious Practice ("CRP")

1. Any person who wishes to have their attendance recorded for the purposes of a CRP ("the Attendee") must register on line at the BES Online CRP System - http://www.borehamwoodshul.org/crp as soon as possible, but not later than 10.00am on the Wednesday before the first Shabbat on which he/she wishes his/her attendance to be recorded. Your registration will be automatically acknowledged. Full instructions on how to manage your online registration can be found at the same page.

2. An online register of attendance will be managed by the Shul office, to be used for each Shabbat morning service.

3. Lisette Kingston has been appointed as the Registration Officer (RO) and is responsible for the Register and will ensure that attendances are properly recorded.

4. On Shabbat the parent or guardian and his/her child (for primary school entry the child does not have to attend) must report in person to the RO or other designated person on each occasion they attend synagogue, and may be asked to confirm their address and child's date of birth. Recording will be in the following locations and times.

  • In the Main Shul foyer, or just outside, which from the start date (likely to be early May) will be available from 10.15am to 11.00am on Shabbat mornings only (this may change to 10.30am to 11.00am late in the year).
  • On weeks when there is a service in Yavneh College, the desk will be in the lobby by the main staircase, or just outside the Yavneh Synagogue, and will be open at the same times as Croxdale Road. Please note that cards will only be made available at Yavneh to those who have requested them in the online CRP system.
  • On weeks when there is a Hashkama service, cards will be available for collection in the service from 8.00am until 8.30am. CRP cards will be available at the Hashkama service until the end of July.
  • On weeks when there is an early toddlers service at Croxdale Road, you can attend this service and have your attendance recorded for CRP without having to wait for the end of the main Synagogue service. To do this, you must collect your card as soon as the desk opens and proceed immediately to the service, to be there when it starts. Anybody who arrives late to the early toddlers service will NOT be able to post their CRP card until the normal time at the end of the main Synagogue service.

In line with most other United Synagogue Shuls, we will not be recording attendances on Friday nights.

5. Those requiring us to record attendance will be required to stay until the end of the service and they will, therefore, be required to retain their cards for posting at the end of the service. BES will accept no responsibility for cards which are inadvertently taken off the premises and attendees should note that under those circumstances there will not be a card the following week. Attendance will only be recorded for those cards which are picked up at the appropriate time and posted at the end of the service.

6. All records will be confidential, and will only be used to enable the authorised official to issue a Letter of Attendance to attach to your CRP form, although BES may contact you in connection with the promotion of its events.

NOTE: A copy of this Procedure will be displayed in the synagogue and on our website, and is also available on request. It has been made public so that visitors to the synagogue can be clear at an early stage about what they will need to do in order to comply.

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