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Borehamwood and
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Regular Shiurim

For information on special and one-off shiurim and other educational events, please check the events page and the latest newsletter.

All the following shiurim take place regularly in the area.

Friday Night Shiur

On Friday nights over the winter period, there is a Shiur after Ma'ariv at both Croxdale Road and Yavneh and sometimes at Ascot Close. This is given by Rabbi Kanterovitz, one of our other Rabbis, or occasionally a member of the community or a guest speaker. All welcome.

Shabbat Afternoon Shiur

Over the summer period, instead of the Friday night Shiur, there is a Shiur between Minchah and Ma'ariv at Croxdale Road. Again, this is given by Rabbi Kanterovitz, one of our other Rabbis, or occasionally a member of the community or a guest speaker.

The shiur takes place in the Main Shul, about 35 minutes before the end of Shabbat, or as part of the Seudah Shlishit (if there is one) slightly earlier. All are welcome.

Monday morning Tenach

"Breakfast with The Judges" - come study the Book of Judges over breakfast at 7.30am (straight after Shacharit) on Monday mornings at Croxdale Road with Rabbi Kanterovitz. All welcome.

Monday evening Men's general Shiur

The shiur is on Hilchat Shabbat and Gemara (currently Bava Metziya 2) and is given by Rabbi Y Bamberger, Rosh Yeshiva or Yeshivat Yad Halevi of Golders Green. Rabbi Bamberger is a fantastic teacher and the Shiur is suitable for men or any level.

The Shiur takes place at 8.30pm on Monday evenings at the home of Stephen Davis. For more information please contact Stephen via the Shul office.

Wednesday Evening Parashat HaShavuah

Weekly inspiration and insights into the week's Parashah with Rabbi Kanterovitz. 8:30pm, Wednesday evenings normally at the home of Efrat and Nicholas Arnold.

Recordings of this Shiur are available at www.borehamwoodshul.org/parashah.

Borehamwood Beit Midrash

Seed and HLX present the BBM one2one program. Monday nights at Ohr Yisrael Federation Synagogue (31-33 Theobald Street).

  • 8.15 - 9.15pm: Choice of Seed 1-2-1 chavruta programme or Rabbi Garson's halacha shiur.
  • 9.20 - 10.00pm: Parsha shiur with Rabbi Pinni Sack

Contact Rabbi Garson (mailto:rabbi@ohr-yisrael.org.uk) for more information.

Lunch 'n' Learn

There is a fortnightly Lunch 'n' Learn for men, given by various Rabbis following lunch sponsored by HBFS. This takes place at 12.30pm alternate Wednesdays (check the latest newsletter) at the Shul.

LSJS Tenach Courses

There are various courses in Tenach run by LSJS at Borehamwood. For more information please contact the office as these run for specific periods and need a committment to the whole course.

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