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Borehamwood and
Elstree Synagogue


Kiddush Cup


All our Shabbat services hold a Kiddush - a "reception" with wine and whisky, cakes, biscuits (or even cholent in the Hashkama) and other snack food after the service.

Many people for a major celebration (eg a Bar or Bat Mitzvah), or for other reasons, kindly offer to sponsor the main Kiddush at Croxdale Road or Yavneh (depending on where they attend).

We have introduced a variety of options for sponsoring the Croxdale Road Kiddush To find out more about the available options, please look at our brochure at www.borehamwoodshul.org/KiddushInfo.

Simcha Kiddushim at Croxdale Road can be booked at www.borehamwoodshul.org/KiddushBooking.

To sponsor a Kiddush at Yavneh, please click here to download the information and booking form. Please complete this form and return via email to .

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