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All BES Events

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BES Desert Island Discs with Rabbi Alex Chapper

Wed 28th June, 7.30pm

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Nitzan 4th July Service

Independence Day Themed Kiddush

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BES welcomes Oliver Dowden MP

Shabbat 8th July, Seudah Shlishit

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Love Communication and Marriage - a talk by Rabbi Aryeh Sampson

Sun 9th July, 8.00pm

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Hertsmere Forum of Faith Walk

Sunday 9th July 2017

Meet at 2.00pm at BES Croxdale Road

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Atzmaut (Independence)

A new trial Shabbat morning Minyan for Adult Members whose children have recently flown the nest or become independent.

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The role of Jewish Women in Our Community

A chance to discuss your thoughts on the role of women in Our Community with Rabbi Kanterovitz and Rabbi Chapper
Sun 16th July, 8.30pm

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Nitzan Summer Garden Party

5th August 2017

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Tribe Summer Camps 2017

Summer 2017

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Shabbat UK Save the Date

Request for volunteers
27th-28th October 2017

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Tribe Learn2Lead Poland Trip

Year 12 Trip to Poland
14th-18th February 2018

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Daily Halacha Live with Rabbi Chapper on WhatsApp

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