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Borehamwood and
Elstree Synagogue



All BES Events

You can purchase tickets for some events on our Purchasing tickets for events page.

Baby Blessing 2018

Sunday 21st January 10.00am -12.00pm

Please register via Office

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Neshama - A Festival of Torah Learning for Women

Musical Havdalah - Concert - Light Dinner
Motzei Shabbat - 27th January 2018

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BES Family Friday Nights

Incorporating Gingerbread Storytime and Onegs
Friday Nights

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Gingerbread Storytime at Yavneh

Fridays at Yavneh

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Base - Fun Learning Programme for Mums and Sons, Dads and Daughters

Saturday Nights at 6.15pm

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Movies and Morals - Years 7-10 with Rabbi Chapper

Every Fortnight at the Chappers 7.30-9.00pm

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Atzmaut - Save The Dates

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