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Welfare & Community Care

BES Care Line: 020 8207 5741 or

The BES Community Care Network provides access to confidential, impartial, and non-judgemental welfare and support for BES members and their families. The Community Care Co-ordinator, Rebecca Brummer, co-ordinates an experienced group of trained volunteers and liaises with the Rabbis and other members of the BES staff team. The BES Community Care Network is part of United Synagogue Community Cares.

The BES Care Line is a first port of call for BES members and their families seeking welfare and support with life’s problems such as divorce, bereavement, employment problems, and a wide spectrum of the social problems which can be so difficult to cope with.

The BES Care Line is not an emergency service. Please leave a message for the Community Care Co-ordinator return your call at times when the Care Line is unattended.

For a list of contact details of some of the organisations with which we connect members, please click here.

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