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Babies and Children

Community Care recognises that having a newborn baby is at times very difficult. Hormonal imbalance, sleep deprivation combined with all the other changes a baby brings, can make the mother feeling that it is difficult to cope. If you would like to talk to someone who can offer emotional support as well as practical advice, please contact the BES Care Line on 020 8207 5741 or email . All enquires will be treated in strictest confidence.

The Shul has a Baby and Toddler Group which meets weekly. Please see their page for more information.

If you are at all concerned about your child physical or emotional development, or have any other issues surrounding their welfare, please contact the Care Line or get in contact with Norwood, the leading Jewish Charity that supports children and their families.

For more information, please phone the BES Care Line on 020 8207 5741 or email .

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