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In order to broaden the range of services/activities available to children on a Shabbat we are gradually introducing "Squads". The first Squad has already been formed and comprises a group of boys who will be taught to sing Anim Zemirot.

The Squad will hold weekly Shabbat morning training sessions (before the actual children's service commences) culminating in a Cup Final when they will present to the Community what they have learned. For example, the Anim Zemirot Squad will sing Anim Zemirot, as a group, in shul on a Shabbat Morning as its Cup Final and be presented with their individually designed Squad Kippahs.

Details of further Squads (eg pre barmitzvah Leining Squad and Squads for girls) will be circulated in due course.

Click on the links below for more information and resources on the squads.

Anim Zemirot Squad

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