CRP – Certificate of Religious Practice

Registration for those collecting CRP points during 2024/25 to start school in Sept 2025 is now open.

You must register each child you plan to collect CRP points via synagogue attendance here:

The dates eligible for CRP collection are between 5th April 2024 and 11th January 2025 (but please check with the school you are applying to as deadlines differ), both BES@Croxdale & BES@Yavneh will be using the United Synagogue system, if you plan to attend both sites, you will need to register separately for each.

CRP Desk

The CRP desk is where the sheets are handed out to those arriving to record CRP attendance. We rely on volunteers to run the desk, so please help if you can. If no one volunteers, there will be no CRP desk that evening/morning. Please sign up here.

FAQ’s and more information on CRP can be found here: or contact

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