BES@Croxdale runs services, events and interactions at the Croxdale Road location. We have a large onsite attendance on a Shabbat morning with more on a Simcha week. The service in the Main Shul runs weekly, and there are also alternative services such as the Limmud and Hashkama which run on alternate weeks. There are children’s services, youth services and discussions as well as other activities on site.

We’re led by Rabbi Alex and Rebbetzin Eva Chapper along with our Vice Chair Lara Lipsey and our lead Warden Justin Kett.

The Main Shul is the largest BES Shabbat morning service, a destination for members of all ages to come together, share in celebrating the many Smachot in our community and enjoy the uplifting experience of hundreds of people praying together. It’s a family-friendly service with a kids bookshelf (behind the Bima) and plenty of seating. Although it’s occasionally a little noisier than the wardens would like, there is a friendly and convivial atmosphere which many visitors comment as being unique to BES.

At the end of our Shabbat morning services, our community comes together for a weekly Kiddush. Whether celebrating a simcha or just to socialise with other members, our Kiddushim are renowned for their quality and innovation.

BES has embarked on a transformative journey, establishing both BES@Yavneh and BES@Croxdale as autonomous sites within the overall community. Recognizing the diverse needs across the community, each site now offers tailored services, programming, and approaches to children’s engagement, enhancing the feeling of belonging and connection for all members.

The vibrant and engaged community at BES@Croxdale, which gets around 500 people on-site during weekly Shabbat services, is now gearing up for the next stage in its evolution: further developing the children’s and youth programming to nurture the next generation. This move marks a new era for BES, emphasizing its commitment to maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for all demographics within the larger community.

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