BES@Yavneh (which is held in the shul at Yavneh College on Hillside Avenue) is a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive part of the BES community, consisting mainly of young and established families living close to Yavneh College and other areas south of the high street in Borehamwood, as well as attracting many other people, young and old, from around Borehamwood and Elstree.

We’re currently led by the wonderful Rabbi Avinoam and Rebbetzin Hadas Czitron along with our Vice Chair Dan Miller and our lead Warden Leslie Allweis.

We started in April 2007 as a minyan that was family-focused but inclusive and friendly for all, that was willing to adapt and change, and that provided a meaningful place for prayer and learning. Since then we have grown to provide a full complement of religious services and a growing set of community activities. You can find out more in Our Story.

In late 2015, a Yavneh Think Tank produced a document entitled “Our community inspired by Jewish values” – A strategic vision for BES@Yavneh, the BES community in the Southside of Borehamwood.

And now? BES has embarked on a transformative journey, establishing both BES@Yavneh and BES@Croxdale as autonomous sites within the overall community. Recognizing the diverse needs across the community, each site now offers tailored services, programming, and approaches to children’s engagement, enhancing the feeling of belonging and connection for all members.

The vibrant and engaged community at BES@Yavneh, which gets around 350 people on-site during weekly Shabbat services, is now gearing up for the next stage in its evolution: the recruitment of a Senior Rabbi for BES@Yavneh. This move marks a new era for BES, emphasizing its commitment to maintaining a small, close-knit atmosphere within a larger community.

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