Community Hub Vision

We’ve started the process for a Community Hub at Croxdale Road. Here’s our vision for what it could look like. We’re looking for people to shape that vision – no final decisions have been made yet, so now is a great time to get involved.

Our vision is to create a vibrant space, a Community Hub, on Croxdale Road that transcends its physical boundaries to provide an atmosphere of connection, inclusion and inspiration for Borehamwood and Elstree United Synagogue and serve as the beating heart both of our and of the wider Jewish community.

Imagine a place that lifts both body and soul, where individuals of all ages and backgrounds converge to forge deeper relationships and discover shared values, where the community gathers for meaningful service and celebration in inspirational spaces for prayer and religious experience, where the wisdom of older people mingles with the exuberance of youth, where everyone feels a sense of belonging, where you’ll find dynamic religious, cultural, educational, social, and recreational activities: diverse programmes and interactions that resonate with the richness of our community, and where you can hear the hubbub of activity, smell the aroma of coffee, and sense the light and the space of possibility.

Imagine a Community Hub that facilitates communal discovery, inspiration, connection, and growth, that focusses on the present but looks to our future needs, that makes a long lasting statement of our intent for the future of both BES and of modern orthodox Judaism in Britain, that provides a fully accessible and sustainable building, open to all whilst ensuring that we do the right thing by our planet, that embraces modernity whilst cherishing Jewish tradition, and that helps drive our personal and communal Jewish growth through lifelong learning, deep spiritual and religious services, and shared experiences.

Imagine a bustling, vibrant day at the Community Hub with a warm welcome for all. There’s an inspiring morning shacharit prayer service followed by coffee and croissants and a chat. Children fill up the nursery with play, paint and song whilst Chessed meals are prepared in the kitchen for volunteers to take to vulnerable families. During the morning, the Rabbi has a cup of tea and a Danish pastry with a new member and finds out about their hopes and dreams for the future and how the community can help. At lunchtime, an educational shiur takes place next door to a friendship group for older members. The afternoon choir sings to the rafters whilst a bride reflects spiritually in the mikveh. And in the evening, the Cubs, Brownies and then Scouts meet in a variety of rooms, people shmooze in the event hall before listening to an inspiring speaker being streamed to those that can’t make it, a yoga class is running upstairs, and a 5 a side football match takes place outside.

Our likely Community Hub facilities

The Community Hub will include world-class facilities covering all of our diverse community needs.

A beautiful shul full of inspiring light, with a breathtaking, modern ark as its centrepiece, and inclusive and accessible seating with space for all, will help us engage in thoughtful Jewish prayer and deep religious experiences.

Kiddush facilities with ample room for community conversation will bring everyone together on a Shabbat or Yom Tov morning in a purpose built hall, along with lots of space for cloakrooms and well-designed toilet facilities, ensuring that the experience at the Community Hub is pleasant, enjoyable and enhances all of the services and interactions happening on site.

A dynamic space catering to the diverse needs and interests of our youth, and a dedicated area for vibrant youth activities, will provide a platform for learning, creative expression, and building lifelong friendships. Youth spaces to nurture the next generation, will empower them to explore their Jewish identity, values, and community responsibilities.

Children’s services with plenty of room and a new nursery building, will align with all of the latest innovations in nursery education and standards to ensure a vibrant and fun educational atmosphere for the youngest in our community.

Versatile meeting spaces and state-of-the-art audio visual equipment will provide inspiring places to learn and be educated and ensure that those that are unable to make it into the Hub can still benefit from the activities and services that take place there and be connected to the heart of their community.

A versatile venue for joyous celebrations and simchas in a welcoming and beautifully designed area, will create lasting memories for families and friends. Whether it’s a bar mitzvah, wedding, or other special occasions, the Community Hub will be the ideal setting for these significant milestones.

Kitchens and administrative offices will keep the community wheels turning, alongside rooms for committees and teams to meet and be creative and for the Rabbinic Team to hold meaningful conversations with community members.

A sacred space for an on-site mikveh, symbolising purity and spiritual renewal will offer community members the opportunity for ritual immersion, enhancing the Community Hub’s role as a centre for spiritual growth and connection, and enabling encounters in wellbeing and spirituality.

Recognising the importance of recreation, multi-use sports and games facilities will provide a space for physical wellbeing and community bonding. Alongside this, a cosy coffee corner will be the perfect spot for casual gatherings, fostering informal connections and conversations.

Our vision is not just for a physical space though: it will become a living, breathing testament to the strength of our community bonds, and a source of inspiration to propel us forward into a future filled with shared purpose and deep relationships with one another and with our Judaism.

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