A Message from Rabbi Doron and Shelley Perez

We do not have adequate words to express our deepest appreciation for the ongoing outpouring of love and support during the last 146 days since Simchat Torah/October 7th. The messages, Tehillim groups, personal and public prayers, political activism, hafrashot challah, mitzvot, good deeds and acts of kindness and solidarity are appreciated beyond words. Family members, friends and many people who we have never met have gone and continue to go above and beyond any expectation. These acts buoy us as we navigate the daily tempestuous waters of challenge and uncertainty. They also do so much as an incredible merit to hopefully bring about the speedy and safe release of Daniel together with all the 134 hostages cruelly held in Gazan captivity.

Of the myriads of acts of kindness and solidarity below are three links to recent such examples – one of a young boy who we don’t know, Elichai Sharabi, singing for Daniel’s release, a recent blood drive in Beit Shemesh organized by our family and cousins, and what the Borehamwood community in London (where our daughter Shira recently spoke at) are doing to remember Daniel and Romi Leshem Gonen.

Like many of the other hostage families, and particularly the soldier families, we have not heard any new information about Daniel’s well-being and whereabouts. We are hopeful to hear good news in the near future.

As many of you will have seen in the media, there are ongoing critical negotiations happening now as we write these words for the release of the hostages. The hostage families are doing all we can to bring about the release of our loved ones. Every single day, we, the soldier families, are meeting with our Israeli government ministers (who will ratify any deal) to do all we can to ensure that soldiers are not ‘left to the end’ as Hamas would like, but are released now as part of any hostage deal – a deal we campaign for and hope and pray will include Daniel and all the hostages.

The coming days are therefore crucial as the fate of Daniel and the hostages hang in the balance. We would enormously appreciate it if you could continue, and perhaps intensify, your kind prayers and acts of kindness on behalf of our son Daniel Shimon ben Sharon. We never know which act tips the balance and from where the redemption comes.

We hope and pray for the safety of every one of our holy and moral soldiers fighting so bravely and heroically for our future; for the full and speedy recovery of all the wounded; for the speedy vanquishing of our barbaric enemies; and of course for the speedy release of all of our hostages.

With endless gratitude and love,
Shelley and Doron Perez

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