by Caroline Levison, BES Vice Chair Women

We have US Women’s Shabbat coming up this week. It’s always the week of Parashat Beshalach, which includes the Song of the Sea, so is also known as Shabbat Shira – the Shabbat of Song. It’s especially poignant for women as Miriam leads the women in song and dance after crossing the Reed Sea. Also, the Haftarah includes the Song of Devorah. With that in mind, we’ve got two special opportunities for women to come together in song this week…

Firstly, on Friday night we’ve got Women’s Kabbalat Shabbat. If you’ve never been before, why not try it out this week? It starts 20 minutes after candle lighting (this week we start at 4:44pm) in a Central Borehamwood location – thanks to Louise Moont for hosting. Please contact me for the address. It’s a really lovely, tuneful, way to start Shabbat and we’re all very friendly, so don’t feel shy about coming!

Secondly, if you’re free on Saturday night, from 8pm at the Community Hub (Croxdale Road), we’ve got a really special evening planned. Inspired by, and in honour of, our N’shei Chayil (Kate Arnold, Tanya Charlton, Deborah Clayden and Cindy Goldstein) we’ve got an evening of Sushi, Spirits, Salads & Song (and of course, other refreshments). The Song part is something we’ve never tried before and will hopefully be a unique and fun experience (think Koolulam), so we strongly encourage everyone to sign up to support your N’shei Chayil and come together for a memorable, shared experience. You can still book here.

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