The Limmud service was established in 1993 as an alternative minyan that offered more in-depth learning. Its inclusivity and welcoming atmosphere fostered many home-grown rabbonim such as Rabbi Joe Woolfson, Rabbi Marc Levine, Rabbi Alex Cowan, Rabbi Gary Bazak and our very own Rabbi Yaacov Finn to name but a few.

Today it flourishes as a minyan that provides a more intimate, contemplative vibe with inspiring davening and engaging sedra talks. Our service begins at 9.30 in the Old Shul and ends with a friendly whisky kiddush.

We are fortunate to benefit from visiting educators and rabbonim who provide high level shiurim.

If you are new to shul services and would like to hone your leining or davening skills in a smaller service, or would like an Aliyah for a life cycle event or you have an engaging perspective on the sedra that you would like to share, we would love to welcome you to our Limmud minyan; alternatively just come and enjoy a smaller service that allows a quiet space to focus on your tefillot in a warm, informal atmosphere.

If you would like any more information, then please speak to:
Barry Shaw, Victoria & Ben Ginsburg, Jane Rose, David Harrisberg, Jonny Taylor, or Danny Jacobs.

If you would like to sponsor a kiddush, lein, daven, receive a mitzvah or join our WhatsApp group then please email

Leining and Davening are all open to new and existing members and can be arranged by emailing .

For further information or to let us know you are coming or would like a Mitzvah, please also contact us at the same email address.

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