The blessing of HaGomel is said in the presence of a Minyan after a person goes through a life-threatening situation. This can be after surgery, a dangerous journey, childbirth, an accident. Women are welcome to say HaGomel at BES, which is usually said during or directly after the reading of the Torah, at around 10.30am on a Shabbat morning or during the Shacharit service on Monday and Thursday morning.

Please be in touch with the warden at BES@Croxdale, Justin Kett or BES@Yavneh, Leslie Allweis if you would like to say the blessing.  If you would like a woman to teach the blessing to you or stand with you during the service please contact Caroline Levison.

The HaGomel Blessing: Barukh ata ado-nai elohei-nu melekh ha-olam ha-gomel le-cha-yavim to-vot she-ge-ma-la-ni kol tov

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