Shabbat and Festivals

BES offers a wide range of services over Shabbat and Festivals. In addition to the more traditional services, we also offer options where women can participate more fully.

During the winter months, women get together on a regular basis for a Friday night service at a member’s home, incorporating a tuneful and uplifting Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv, followed by a D’var Torah. Children are also welcome, and girls often lead ‘Yigdal’.

Roughly four times a year, we hold a Shabbat morning service for women, Shema Koleinu, either at Croxdale or Yavneh. There are plenty of opportunities for women to participate, be that leading Pesukei D’zimra, Shacharit or Mussaf, reading a portion of the weekly parsha or haftarah, or leading other prayers. Girls are encouraged to lead ‘Anim Zemirot’ or ‘Adon Olam’. It’s a supportive and friendly environment for women to mark special occasions or commemorate Yahrzeits too.

On Purim, we host a women’s Megillah reading – read by women for women. The chapters are split between different women, and new leyners are always welcome.

If you’re feeling inspired to participate in any of these services, leading services, giving a D’var Torah or leyning, we’d love to hear from you. Please email

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